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Omaha man, 50, loses fingers on both hands after setting off fireworks

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A 50-year-old Omaha man was listed in fair condition Monday after suffering critical injuries to his hands in a fireworks-related accident. Omaha police officers spoke to the injured man, Danny Marco, at Creighton University Medical Center after the accident, according to a police report. Marco was injured a little before 8 p.m. Saturday at a house near 23rd and Drexel Streets. Before he underwent surgery, Marco told the officers that he had found a box of fireworks and was lighting them.   Full Story:  

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The Chinese Tianjen disaster may have repercussions for Guy Fawkes in New Zealand this year. In August, two massive explosions at a warehouse at the port of Tianjin, Northern China, killed more than a hundred people and devastated large areas of the city. In the wake of the disaster, Chinese authorities rushed to regulate the distribution of all dangerous goods. Shipments carrying thousands of tonnes of fireworks destined for Europe, India and the Pacific were refused entry to Chinese ports, causing major headaches for importers. The majority of New Zealand fireworks importers have been seriously affected, and it is a…

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Marysville, Brier advisory measures ask voters to consider fireworks ban

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Voters in Marysville and Brier get a chance this election to say whether they want to see fireworks banned in their communities. In each city, an advisory measure on the Nov. 3 ballot asks if an ordinance should be enacted to bar sale and use of legal fireworks year-round. The results are nonbinding and won't change any laws but will give leaders the perspective of many of their residents. “If the community said, ‘We don't want fireworks anymore', we would listen to them,” Brier City Councilwoman Kerin Steele said. State law allows the sale of legal fireworks for use July 4…

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